Walleye Opening Weekend

If you’ve read through my About page you’ll know that I’m recently retired from a tourist camp that I ran for many years. Obviously fishing is in my blood so being retired from that “world” has been tough. I miss taking the guests out and sharing my knowledge of fishing with them. That’s why I created this website. I must apologize though, I really was hoping to have this thing up earlier, but ran into some snags as I’m not the most tech-savvy person around. 

I knew I was planning on building this so I did document my adventures over the past summer to share with all of you. 

So here we go; let’s talk opening weekend for Walleye…

This was an interesting start to the year for me. I generally like to stick around my home in Manitoba and fih the lakes I’ve come to know well but I recieved an invite to try something different. It was from a former colleague of mine who has a vast knowledge of the lakes in Northern Ontario. So I thought to myself, what the hell, I’m retired let’s do this! The invite came from Scott who runs Iron Anchor Marketing, which used to look after the website for my camp before I retired. During our conversations I found out he’s really into fishing and we’d always planned to try and meet up for a weekend but it never seemed to pan out. This time it did. 

We ended up meeting on the world famous Eagle Lake and planned to target some massive spring walleye. 

We met at the landing very early on opening day and had the boat in the water just after the sun came up. The first thing I did was pull out some new 1/4 oz jigs I just picked up from Cabelas and baited it with a live minnow. The first few hours were pretty slow. We tried a few different depths and areas we thought they’d be but nothing seemed to work. After lunch I decided to switch to a drop shot rig and we moved in a little closer to shore. That seemed to make all the difference. In the next 3 hours we put nearly 50 walleye in the boat including one 29″ monster. We also hooked into a few pike which can be quite fun to bring in. 

The next day I put the same setup that worked the day before on the end of my line. A few hours went by and I had nothing going for me. A few small walleye, but nothing to write home about. Again, I realized this wasn’t working so I put on a small spinner combination and we moved out to a slightly deeper area. Sure enough, we started pounding them. We ended up getting another 40 or so walleye. I ended up keeping 3 to take back to the wife and kids and Scott grabbed a few as well. 

The key to this story is that you should never focus on what you think is working, focus on what the fish are telling you is working. I always default back to a jig and minnow, but this time it didn’t work. I realized that and once I switched to something else, it was lights out. Always keep testing and keep making mental notes as to what’s working, what depth, the weather, the temp and all that stuff. Over time you’ll start to notice real patterns and your fishing success will start increasing quickly. 

Until next time.